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Monthly Archives: November 2016

All about Butterfly Gardening

The first thing you have to do is to make a research on what types of butterflies live in your area. It is not bad to consult with a specialist, but if you want you can do it on your own. Like every other research, nowadays, you can start from reading some information about butterflies on the Internet. After that, I’m afraid, you will have to go out and spend some time outdoors exploring your area looking for different butterfly species.

You have to plant an area with flowers, which to get sunlight about 5 to 6 hours a day. It shouldn’t be windy, too. Butterflies love sunlight and hate fighting bad weather conditions and wind.

You should also build a birdbath filled with sand and enough water to stay moisturised, so that the insects have where to drink water from. Put flat rocks around this area, where butterflies will be able to warm themselves from the sun rays.

Mind that before you plant your flowers, you have to know the types of butterflies that live in your area. You should also know what kind of flowers they like. It is very important to attract adult butterflies, so you have to plant flowers which have nectar. You should also have a plant which they can use as a host for their offspring, so you must be aware of which flowers or crops are appropriate for the purpose.

Attracting butterflies is not an easy task, but it is a challenge that brings a lot of joy when accepted. Everyone can manage it on their own, but if you feel any difficulties don’t hesitate to contact experts, like gardeners in Bexley, who can give you more hints on butterfly gardening. I’m sure that you’ll succeed in the end and will definitely love the results. It is amazing to see your yard invaded by beautiful butterflies, which of which more colourful and fascinating.

Greenhouse Accessories

Modern gardeners are embracing greenhouse techniques and tools mainly because of three reasons.

A. Modern technology and materials have made greenhouses reasonable and long lasted:

The new materials used in the greenhouses are lower in cost and they also help to increase the lifespan of the newly designed tools of this type. A wide variety of this type of accessories is available at market in all sizes and shapes.

B. Food Security is increased:

Many people suspect the food crops and vegetables sold in the markets as the farmers use excessive synthetic fertilisers and pesticides to grow crops in a short period of time. Therefore, many people are trying to grow food crops in their garden. And for this purpose, greenhouse tools are required to adjust the environment suitable for vegetable gardening.

C. Greenhouse gardening accessories to control Climate threats:

In the ancient days, it was thought that nothing can control climate or weather. Now it has become partial truth. Yes, the entire climate of a country or a large region may not be controlled. But certain small spaces can be saved from the climate threats. Many gardeners are buying modern greenhouse equipment to save the plants from heat, snowfall, and other challenges.

Some effective greenhouse tools are greenhouse repair tape (helps to repair any split in the cover), capillary matting watering (helps to retain water), tri-laminated bubble insulation (insulates greenhouses in order to retain heat, stabilizes UV and protects plants), and soil warming/heating cable (propagates seeds and cuttings in a cold frame).

Small Garden Decoration Tips

  • Hanging bird baths – We understand that the space is little for accommodating extra ornaments. But, what about hanging them? Well, birds can easily access the baths and feed if you hang them in a clever manner. Use colourful ribbon and hang them in a way so that it absolutely adorns the space.
  • A mini fountain – Water can add magic to any space and it can even make your petite garden area look bigger. If you search online, you will see that there are many manufacturers selling small Fountains Melbourne.
  • Stacked planter boxes – Stack up colourful planter boxes to create a bold statement in one corner of the garden. The top-most one can be potted with plants as well. Generally, colourful ones are readily available in the market. But if you can’t find, you can paint them yourself.
  • Fresh succulents – If the space is small, it is very likely that proper sunlight may not come to the space. But don’t worry you can always opt for the safest of pants- fresh, colourful succulents. The best part about succulents is that they can be planted in any kinds of containers. From Nutella jars to Pots Melbourne, almost everything is hospitable to them. Mix and match various kinds of colours of succulents, so that the visual vibrancy is created in all the right ways. But they should look cohesive.
  • Climbers – The twisted climbers can beautify the space if you can place them against a plain wall. You can create a wonder with foliage as well.
  • Terrariums – You have heard about terrariums right? They are ideal for small patios. And you can actually work a lot with them. Ferns, mosses, beautiful rocks and stones you can stuff almost anything that’s beautiful yet tiny.
  • Garden statues – If there is any more space, then you can, of course, invest in small Garden Statues Melbourne. Check online for a reputed manufacturer.

All about Flower Gardening Trend

Flower gardening is the growing trend since past few years. Many people are growing flower gardens in their backyards, balcony, or even in their drawing rooms. Container gardens are what you can grow in your homes. It is easy to grow the flower gardens but it’s quite difficult to take care of these gardens. Following the basic caring tips, you can make your gardening experience wonderful and exciting.

If you have sufficient space in your backyards, you can grow the flower garden there. Growing herbs in your flower gardens is also another good option. Herbs can be used for culinary and medical purposes. You can plant useful herbs in your garden with minimum efforts. Herbs are the wild plants and require less maintenance. Some herbs also have good visual appearance. They can be used for culinary as well as decorative purpose. Planting herbs in your garden will help to get the fresh herbs at hand whenever needed.

The flower gardening trend continues to grow as more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of flower gardens. Planting interesting flowers in your garden will make your surrounding fresh and beautiful. Flowering shrubs can add glory to your flower garden. As the shrubs small plants, they can be used for fencing your garden.

It is important for you to consider some tips while planting the flower garden.

  • Make sure that you have enough space for planting flower garden.
  • The chosen garden should have proper drainage and watering facility. Also, the garden area should receive sunlight for maximum day hours.
  • After you have selected the spot for your garden, selecting the flower plants is most important. Select the plants with varied colors and those showing similar water, sunlight and food requirement.
  • Chose the appropriate garden design for your garden. It is not necessary to design your garden according to any particular gardening format. You can design your own flower garden. Make sure that you keep sufficient space for walking in your garden.
  • If you don’t have space in your backyard for planting a garden, you can even plant it in your balcony. Make use of the pots or containers for planting the garden.
  • Most flower plants require full sunlight for complete growth. Place the container in sunlight for about 5-6 hours and shift it in shade in remaining time.
  • Preparing the garden bed is most important for proper and effective growth of flower plants.